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Sirocco released under Apache 2.0 license to github

It’s been a long time in making, but we are finally ready to release Sirocco — the opinion extraction library based on Robert Plutchik’s emotion framework — under the Apache 2.0 license to github. Sirocco was developed during my time at Cuesense in early 2010s and over time I’ve been tinkering with it, most recently converting it from C# to Java, making it compatible with the latest Apache OpenNLP version, and making it run with Google Cloud Dataflow. My Cuesense buddies and contributors — Alexey Shevchuk, Sergey Shevchook, and Roman Khnykin — have all agreed to release this code to the broad NLP and Machine Learning community. Thank you, guys, for your hard work on Cuesense and Sirocco, and may many exciting text analytics projects ensue!

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